Liability Estimator
  • How much personal liability coverage do you need?

    The answer to this question depends on your unique circumstances and risk profile. Your current net worth is a good place to start, but judges and juries have no obligation to limit awarded damages to an amount you can afford to pay.

    Marsh Private Client Services has developed the Liability Coverage Estimator to help you factor in additional common risks that may impact your decision on how much liability coverage you may need.

    Take this short quiz and the Liability Coverage Estimator will generate a preliminary estimate of the liability coverage amount that may be appropriate for you.

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  • How many luxury, exotic and or high performance vehicles do you own?

  • How many recreational vehicles do you own (boats, atvs, etc.)?

  • Does anyone under the age of 25 operate your vehicles?

  • Does anyone in your household have a high public profile?

  • How active is your household in the use of social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)?

  • How many homes do you own?

  • Do you own homes outside of the United States?

  • Do you have a trampoline, pond, or pool on your property?

  • Do you own pleasure horses, dogs, or other pets?

  • What is the frequency with which you host parties\events?

  • How many full-time domestic staff do you have?

  • How many not-for-profit boards do you serve on?

  • What is your estimated net worth (financial + property)?

  • Is your annual income likely to exceed $1 million next year?

  • How many more years do you intend to work?

DISCLAIMER: Results provided by our Liability Coverage Estimator are intended to be used only as a guide. Speak with a qualified insurance broker about your unique risk factors before deciding on the optimal liability coverage amount for you.